A New Hooray for ___!

Our actual work projects have been nearly all consuming since Eli became State Librarian of New Mexico in 2018. But we’re back in 2020 with a discussion of dissent. Margo has been reading organizational change, democracy, and political theory like a fiend ever since we both felt inspired by Conformity (2019) — a splendid small work by legal scholar Cass Sunstein.

Over the first half of 2020 we’ll be experimenting with how to still have a robust professional conversation with you all over a topic without having the capacity to use the conference platform. Every month some new content will publish on the Dissent page. If you want to chat about it, reach out to us on the contact page.

Interested in the other projects Margo is involved in? Visit http://margogustina.info. Eli, very rightly, has no time to have a website, so you’ll just need to visit the New Mexico State Library when you are so inclined.

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