Social Justice

Hooray for Social Justice!

We believe that social justice is a prerequisite of a functional democracy. As libraries are in the functional democracy business, social justice is a core value. We’ve heard from library people that while they believe in social justice and expanding access, they don’t believe that they should be explicit advocates. Typically, they are concerned that the community will perceive the library as politically partisan if they openly advocate for social justice.

Hooray for Social Justice! as presented at the ULU Conference 2017

In Hooray for Social Justice! we will dive into what is perceived to be partisan and what is simply part of the expanding access role of libraries. We will try out actions and practices every library, regardless of geography or size, can take to build a culture of social justice in the library every day.

If this is a topic of interest to you, you can also read our article from Library Journal “Why Social Justice in the Library” (2017).