Making Good on Our Mission

Hooray for ________! was born out of the disconnect between librarian core values and daily operating practice. We (Eli Guinnee and Margo Gustina) work in an overwhelmingly rural region of western New York state. Most of the public libraries in our region are led by people without formal library education, which we had thought was the basis of our lack of shared understanding of practice. We have since learned that our assumptions were wrong. Gaps between values and practice are in libraries of every size, among practitioners with widely varied educational backgrounds.

We build this series of workshops and resources to help our colleagues (and ourselves) to look carefully at the gaps and gray areas, and together uncover ways to develop cultures that are more closely aligned with our shared values of intellectual freedom, preservation, learning, and social justice.

So far, we’ve only developed two of these areas for workshop, but we’re always interested in spending time with new challenges.

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